Birthday Video To Grandma Goes Awry As Truck Runs Into Driver

If your car was hit from behind by an out-of-control truck, you could be excused for getting very angry. However, the man in this video remained remarkably calm as his car was hit and just happened to catch the entire thing on camera. This clip was recently shared on TikTok by user @kirkgulezian, where he opens up by wishing his grandmother a happy birthday.

Seconds later, a truck slams into the rear and side of his vehicle. We understand the video was filmed in the U.S., but we’re not sure exactly where. Nevertheless, by looking out the car’s rear window, it seems quite obvious what happened here.

Also Watch: See A Boat (And Truck) Get Destroyed By A Train In Norway As the video progresses, the rear of a semi-truck’s large trailer inches its way closer to the man’s car and before long, slams into the side and rear of it. This instantly smashes the rear window and inevitably caused quite a lot of damage, particularly as the driver of the truck scrapped the trailer along the sides of the car.

From what we can tell, the driver of the truck either didn’t see the car and/or badly miscalculated the space he needed for the maneuver.

Either way, it’s a good thing everything happened at crawling speed and no one was hurt.

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