Disqualified driver leaves Mercedes behind after fleeing police

A disqualified driver fled police but left their Mercedes behind during dramatic scenes in Cumbria last night. The culprit made a dash for it after Eden Police pulled the vehicle over on Monday evening. The driver, thought to be still clutching the car keys to the silver Mercedes, abandoned the vehicle after police stopped the car in Brough last night.

Eden Police who posted a picture on Twitter of the seized vehicle, confirmed the driver, who they said was banned from driving, made off from the scene. Despite the car being left without its keys, police said it was "dragged onto the back of a recovery truck ". And they vowed the driver will face the music.

Eden Police tweeted: "Driver made off, to be dealt with at a later date and the vehicle was dragged onto the back of a recovery truck without keys."

It was the second vehicle its Proactive Team seized on Monday with a Ford Focus recovered from "a disqualified driver who we received intelligence about driving" earlier in the day.

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