Driver Slams Into Dump Truck Trying To Take Highway Exit

While many roads throughout the world have fewer cars on them than usual, this video proves that accidents have and will always happen as long as there’s even one car in circulation – or two, in this case.
This clip was filmed on the 2nd of May in California and shows the moment the driver of a grey sedan slammed into the side of a dump truck in an incident that should have been easily avoided – unless we’re missing something here and there was something wrong with the motorist and/or the car. Mere moments after the car comes into view, we can see it is traveling on U.S.

Interstate 110 heading towards San Pedro in the right lane. However, it appears as though the driver was actually intending on turning off to the 405 as they suddenly brake and swerve across a median strip to quickly get onto the highway exit. Read Also: Elderly Florida Driver Somehow Launches Her Cadillac On Top Of Two Cars

We could be wrong, but from this angle, it seems the driver turned to the right for too aggressively and quickly lost control of the car. The motorist appeared to overcorrect to the left, causing two of the car’s wheels to lift off the ground and slam into the side of a dump truck on the far right of the road. While the impact barely budged the truck, it immediately flung open the trunk of the sedan while also shattering the rear window.

The car then spun around the front of the truck before seemingly hitting the concrete barrier on the side of the highway.

Some online users have suggested the driver of the sedan may have been racing the black sedan briefly shown in the video, though we’re not convinced that was the case here.

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