Facing COVID-19: The haulage entrepreneur swapping freight for essential supplies

A County Durham-based entrepreneur has pivoted his haulage business to deliver vital medical supplies and food during the COVID-19 pandemic. LGV driver and businessman Paul Barker has joined forces with local logistic companies through his own business to deliver essential goods and supplies to distribution centres across the UK. Based on the Drum Industrial Estate in Chester-le-Street, Transport & Warehouse Solutions (NE) Ltd provides a general haulage and freight service throughout the UK and in most countries around the world, plus a secure warehouse storage facility alongside a range of forklift truck driving training courses.

Paul, who founded Transport & Warehouse Solutions (NE) Ltd in 2019 after being made redundant, has shifted his focus from freight and cargo to the transport of medical supplies and food products around the country. Paul explained: "This is a challenging time for all businesses, and the pandemic has stopped many services in their tracks, but it hasn't stopped the need for the delivery of much-needed food and medical supplies throughout the country. "I can't gain access to any of my customers' premises to carry out training and clients that require cargo movements throughout the UK and Europe are on shutdown until further notice, so it makes complete sense to put myself to good use and help others during, and beyond this pandemic, while also maintaining some revenue for my business."

"As a small startup I was able to respond quickly to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected entire industries and has changed how businesses everywhere operate.

"Transforming and pivoting to a new direction is the only way many companies will survive."

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