Farmer is firsthand witness to high-speed chase

BERKSHIRE (WBNG) - Tuesday's high-speed chase ended right in the backyard of a Berkshire farm. At Hunter Vale Farms, Casey Powell said they rarely leave the front gates open. "We don't normally have the gates open because we are afraid the horses will get in the road," said Powell.

"A FedEx truck was going very very fast and turned right into my driveway," said Hunter Vale Farms owner Casey Powell. Tuesday, deputies said Bradley Hesco used the gates as his escape route. "So the FedEx truck came barreling through, very fast, and went right into the woods," she said.

Deputies then followed the van into the woods. "The police cars stopped, and the police got out of their vehicles and were running toward the woods with their guns drawn," said Powell. During it all, Powell was locked inside her home.

"It was surreal to look outside my window and see this all happening on my property." Moments later, deputies notified Powell the driver of the van had been caught. "They found him at our neighbors house pretending to stack wood," said Powell.

Powell said no one was hurt and now her farm can return to normal.

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