Haulage company's lap of honour around village green for NHS

A TRANSPORT company has been honouring the NHS by doing a lap of its home village every Thursday night. The people of West Auckland have been joined by the Frank Hudson transport company when they come out to clap for the NHS every Thursday. The fleet of trucks emerges from the Eden Garage on Staindrop Road and drives through the village - going round the village green, sounding their horns and flashing their lights.

The videos of the trucks have been posted on social media and have gained more than 5,000 views. It all started with the trucks gathering outside of owner Frank Hudson's house, parking up and sound their horns on a Thursday evening However, they thought it could be a bigger event to include the whole village community.

Mr Hudson said: "It all started thanks to my daughter who was driving through West Auckland one night while they were clapping and thought there must be something we can do to help. "We don't have much work on right now and we are down to 20 per cent operations, so the drivers were keen to do it." Danielle Hudson said: "We are a family run business and we thought it would be a good idea to show our appreciation to the NHS.

"We have a lot of residents in West Auckland who need their spirits raised, the people come out every night and they really enjoy it. "We are well known in the village, a lot of children come out and want to see the trucks." Mr Hudson added: "We've had cards sent to us and children are painting stones for us.

It really has got the village bouncing, there's been nothing like it before." The family run haulage firm has been hauling goods up and down the country for more than 20 years. Many truck drivers are key workers helping to keep distribution going during lockdown.

Seven trucks in total come out to do the loop around the village, and they don't plan on stopping until the situation changes. Many people come and line the streets keeping a distance from one another. One West Auckland resident said: "It did bring a lot more people out, it was a good turnout and it lifted the spirit of the village.

"It breaks the week up for the community. This is our weekly outing and it's what we look forward to each week. "I think every community has their unique way of showing appreciation for the NHS - further up the village the ice cream vans joined in.

"There were a few NHS workers there who said it brought tears to their eyes. "It was emotional for us all." Durham County Councillor for West Auckland Rob Yorke said: "Frank Hudson Transport is a family owned business based in West Auckland.

It's great to see them and so many other local companies supporting our key workers.

"Many of these companies operate in the private sector and are themselves facing an uncertain economic future.

The fact they are prepared to go the extra mile to show their support is testament to their commitment to our local community."

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