James Middleton shares a rare video of Kate's family home

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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are famously private about their homes (which, fair enough!), though we have been lucky enough to get small glimpses of their homes during the royals' various quarantined video calls.

But because we always want more, a new video from James Middleton showing the exterior and the beautiful garden of Kate's parents' home in the small village of Bucklebury, West Berkshire, has come as a welcome pick-me-up.

The video, which was posted to Instagram by James, begins with him sat in the back of what looks like a truck. James explains that his fianc?, Alizee Thevenet, has never seen him without a beard before--and that now's the time to shave it off.

'Alizee and myself were due to get married this month,' he says. 'She's never seen me without a beard, so I thought it was about time.'

James shaves quickly for the camera. Next, he hops off the back of the truck and heads back towards the garden of the Middleton's home, Bucklebury Manor, where it's believed that James and Alizee are staying with his parents, Carole and Michael, during lockdown.

And oh my gosh, what a home it is!

James pans the camera to reveal Alizee, Carole and Michael drinking wine in the most incredible garden with a ton of gorgeous flowers in bloom.

The beautiful Georgian-style manor with its expansive garden--meaning that there's plenty of room for little George, Charlotte and Louis to play in when they visit--isn't the house that Kate, James and their sister Pippa grew up in.

It's believed that Kate's parents, Carole and Michael, purchased it in 2012 and it's where Prince George spent the first few weeks of his life.

Kate's more modest childhood home was a four-bedroomed house in Bradfield, Berkshire, (pictured below) where she lived from birth up until the age of 13 (bar when the family moved abroad for short periods). It was sold for ?495,000 in 2011.

Photo credit: ALICE DORE - Getty Images More

It looks like Bucklebury Manor, an 18-acre estate, is a pretty idyllic place to be during these unprecedented times, which have seen us all spending a lot more time at home. Shout-out to the Middletons for that cute bunting, too!

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