Lorry load of applause for NHS

THOUSANDS of people will be making noise for the NHS in the weekly Clap for Carers tonight. The Thursday night event has seen whole streets come together to show their support for those putting their lives at risk to help the fight against coronavirus. And last week’s clap for carers saw Kendal residents go the extra mile to show their appreciation.

Trucks, tractors and lorries drove from Kendal Rugby Club all the way to Westmorland General Hospital in a magnificent procession. The vehicles parked in and around the hospital before the drivers got out and clapped for key workers. Horns were honked and sirens blared, creating a wall of noise to thank the hospital’s staff.

The amazing spectacle was caught by several Kendal residents who conveyed their astonishment at the sight. Alex Walker, 28, from Kirkland, caught the lorry convoys on camera from Kirkland View on their way back from the hospital. Alex said: ” I thought it was a brilliant gesture from the local community to show their support for the NHS.”

Kelly Gill, a nurse at Westmorland General Hospital, was on shift when the vehicles turned up at the hospital. “I thought it was really lovely of them,” she said. “It came as a complete surprise.

“We heard lots of beeping and saw on the cameras lots of tractors. “We had heard similar events in Clitheroe had happened. “It was such a thoughtful thing to do.

They went to great effort and it brought a smile to our faces.” Meanwhile, in Oxenholme, Kendal Town Crier John Bateson, made an appearance. Ringing his bell, he encouraged the village’s residents to show their appreciation and clap on their doorsteps.

A resident of Oxenholme said: “John has joined the applause for the last couple of weeks and his presence certainly seems to be appreciated.

“He even received cheers from some other residents when he appeared as the Town Crier ringing the bell.

“John stands by the telephone box in the village, observing social distancing, of course. which is a central point in the village.”

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