Major expansion in Cornwall for Gaetan's Chip Stand

Terry Sauve, owner of Gaetan’s Chip Stand, in front of the first of what will be four mobile trucks in Cornwall. Photo on Friday, May 23, 2020, in Cornwall, Ont. Todd Hambleton/Cornwall Standard-Freeholder/Postmedia Network Todd Hambleton / Todd Hambleton/Standard-Freeholder

Gaetan’s Chip Stand is coming to a location near you.

In fact, you might see one of the yellow trucks right on your street corner in Cornwall. Gaetan’s Chip Stand owner Terry Sauve launched his mobile expansion on Friday afternoon, a second chip truck parked and on display this weekend close to the permanent location of the very busy stand at Pitt Street and Tollgate Road. But it’ll be on the move soon, and over the next month, four mobile trucks will be rolled out in Cornwall, and one in Lancaster, effectively doubling the size of the business.

“It’s a natural progression (for the business),” Sauve said. “The people of Cornwall have been fantastic, they’ve showed us so much support over the years. . . we’re overwhelmed (with customers) here at (the permanent Cornwall location).” Sauve said the four additions in Cornwall represent a £500,000 investment by the business, one that is based in Alexandria and has been around for over three-quarters of a century, launched by Gaetan Verdun in 1944. Sauve, originally of Cornwall and who moved to Alexandria two decades ago, purchased Gaetan’s flagship truck in 2005.

It wasn’t long before he grew the company, first with a second truck that travelled around to festivals and various social events. A few years later, Gaetan’s moved into Cornwall. “I wanted to come here, it was the best place to grow the business,” he said.

There are also permanently located trucks in Long Sault, Morrisburg and Prescott, and Sauve hopes to have “15 trucks (in total in the region) by the end of the year, that’s my goal.” The first of the four mobile trucks will soon be deployed to the city’s east end. But this weekend at its current location, Gaetan’s will be giving away free coupons, and listening to suggestions from customers.

For years, many people in the region would travel to Alexandria, to the lone Gaetan’s Chip Stand, a fairly renowned one that often received glowing press coverage including in Ottawa media circles. It expanded its locations to have a regional presence, and the menu has grown over the years too. There are the famous staples, of course, the french fries and hot dogs, as well as many newer items introduced over the years, including pulled pork, grilled cheese and BLT sandwiches, and ice cream and treats at some of the locations.

Gaetan’s is also working on a new Fiesta, Mexican-theme menu that’ll be introduced at all locations.

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