Police stop mobility scooter travelling on busy A5 dual carriageway

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Police are used to stopping vehicles on the roads, but normally for speeding offences - not the opposite. Officers in Shropshire were therefore left baffled when they spotted a mobility scooter travelling along a dual carriageway on Tuesday evening. Drivers are permitted to travel up to 70mph on the busy A5, whereas scooters can hit a maximum of 8mph on roads, and only if they are registered with the DVLA.

West Mercia Police shared a photo of the electric buggy pulled over by the side of the road at around 9pm on Tuesday evening, with a recovery truck ready to transport it back to safety. They tweeted: "Shrewsbury Cops would like to remind people that mobility scooters, and fast roads such as the A5 Shrewsbury to Wellington, are not a great combination." Twitter users responded by calling for cycle paths and walkways along the busy route.

While one commented: "I did wonder why it was on the back of the truck when I saw it near Wellington.

"The driver did well to get as far as the A5."

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