'Sickening': Blackburn litter louts caught chucking empty takeaway boxes on pavement

Councillors and residents have branded the actions of a group of men ‘sickening’ and ‘unacceptable’ after they were caught on camera disposing of empty takeaway packages on a pavement. The incident, which took place on Plane Street in Blackburn at around 8pm on Friday, was caught on CCTV by a resident who lives and works on the street. In footage sent to the Lancashire Telegraph, the men can be seen in a white pick-up truck parked on double yellow lines outside Zivaar Artisan and Dipz Doughnuts.

The passenger door is open and the men are seen finishing their food before throwing the empty boxes on the floor. They then exit the vehicle, and one man is spotted kicking the rubbish underneath the car. Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph on Saturday, the resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s sickening.

It’s in an area where we get a lot of people walking by. “The floor was sticky and sauces were everywhere, which was kindly cleaned up by my neighbour. “He shouldn’t have had to do that.

“And not to mention they were illegally parked on double yellow lines for over 40 minutes whilst they enjoyed their curry. “It’s a complete lack of manners and disregard of others. “People need to take more pride of their surroundings and their community.

“We live in a beautiful town with great people who have all come together during this pandemic, helping each other where it’s needed. “Then it’s spoilt by a minority who disregard simple social etiquettes.” The resident said even though some stores on the street are closed, impressions mean everything and potential customers don’t want to see rubbish outside a place of business.

He added: “It puts a really bad impression on mine and other businesses and the cleanliness of the area. “Takeaways and restaurants need to take more responsibility in ensuring their surrounding areas are kept clean and the council need to provide bins in areas where a lot of food establishments are located. “But more importantly the customers need to use the facilities or take rubbish home with them.”

Councillor Shaukat Hussain, who represents the Bastwell and Daisyfield Ward said incidents like this need to be reported to the council as such behaviour is unacceptable. He said: “There are street bins around takeaways but regardless of this, they should be staying at home anyway during lockdown, not going out and eating takeaways. “It’s not acceptable.

These people are letting the residents down, spoiling the area and giving it a bad name.

“They need to be more responsible.”

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