Speeding driver jailed after causing death of young father

A driver speeding at 140mph on the M2 has been jailed for causing the death of a young father. Connor Money was behind the wheel of the BMW 5-series which crashed into the back of a lorry near junction 4 of the motorway. Footage released by Kent Police shows Connor Money driving at more than 140mph in the moments before the crash

The 23-year-old then tried fleeing capture from police after the crash which left his friend and passenger, Jordan Amos, dead.

He was sentenced today after admitting causing death by dangerous driving. Police in an unmarked patrol car spotted the grey BMW estate travelling on the coastbound M2 at 1.30pm on October 8 last year and were suspicious so flagged him to pull over. After overtaking Money in their vehicle, the constables displayed a message telling him to stop.

Emergency services were all quickly on the scenePicture: UKNIP

But as they approached junction 2, Money sped off along the motorway, leaving officers unable to change direction safely to pursue him.

In the following five minutes, Kent Police received several calls about the speeding car. Dashcam footage gathered by police during the investigation showed Money racing past other motorists and undertaking vehicles across all lanes of the M2.

Connor Money has been jailed after causing the death of his passenger Jordan Amos in a crash on the M2 near Medway services. Picture: Kent Police

Investigators believe he was travelling at 140mph and approached junction 4 at about 130mph in the seconds leading to the crash. Sgt Chris Wade said Money's driving was the worst he had seen in 25 years as a police officer.

Money, of Essex Road, Dartford, attempted to undertake a lorry unaware of another truck entering the motorway via a sliproad near the Medway Services. But he fled the scene and was later captured by Metropolitan Police officers on a training drill who came across the crash moments after the fatal collision. They gave first aid to Mr Amos while colleagues found Money in South Bush Lane in Rainham after crossing fields next to the motorway.

He was then arrested and charged three days later on October 11.

Jordan Amos was killed in the crash on the M2

Appearing at Woolwich Crown Court today, Money was jailed for nine years and given a 10-year driving ban when he is released from prison. He will also serve an additional 10-month sentence for an unrelated case led by Metropolitan Police. At an earlier hearing, Money denied the charges saying he was not in the driver's seat but sitting in the back of the car.

An inquest opened into the death of Mr Amos, 23, from Dartford heard he died following a blunt force trauma injury to his torso. A fundraising page was set up by friends following his death for help to support his young family. Tributes were left on the page including from friend Chloe James who wrote: "Jordan Amos was loved by so many and is going to be truly missed by his mum, dad, brothers, girlfriend, two beautiful children, cousins and many more.

Police at the scene of the crash. Picture: UKNIP

"I want to raise as much money as we can and any money that's raised will be going to help with funeral costs to give our boy the send off he deserves.

"Rest in perfect peace our daddy, son, brother, uncle and cousin. We all love you..." - Chloe James "Any money that is left over will go to his children and his girlfriend to help them through the loss of a partner and the best daddy there was.

Dashcam footage shows Money driving at speeds of more than 100mph weaving between cars on the M2. Picture: Kent Police

"We all wish that this was something they would never have to do but this family deserves the help at this awful sad time.

"Rest in perfect peace our daddy, son, brother, uncle and cousin. We all love you. There's only one Jordan Amos.

Keep that engine revving up there." Sgt Chris Wade, Kent Police's lead investigating officer for the case, said: "Money's decision to ignore two police officers and instead drive away at grossly excessive speeds, endangering countless other motorists, is beyond comprehension.

Police at the scene of the crash. Picture: UKNIP

"This is without doubt the worst driving I have encountered in 25 years of policing. "A young man, with his whole life ahead of him, died as a consequence of Money's reckless decision and instead of staying at the scene his first thought was to run away and evade capture.

"His behaviour was disgraceful and his poor nature is further demonstrated by the six months he spent denying his offending before pleading guilty just before he was due to stand trial in March. "I know this case has affected a great many people and, while Money's imprisonment does not undo the harm caused, I sincerely hope they can find a degree of closure in this sentencing." To read more of our in depth coverage of all of the major trials coming out of crown and magistrates' courts across the county, click here.

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