Subject in FedEx truck leads law enforcement across counties

May 20, 2:19 P.M. UPDATE: (WBNG) — The Broome County Sheriff’s Office released an update regarding the arrest of the man in connection with the police pursuit on Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff’s office said they received a tip at about 3:00 p.m. that a FedEx van was reported stolen early in the morning on Monday, May 18. They say the van was reported stolen from N. Brotzman Road in the Town of Chenango.

The sheriff’s office said the van was reportedly traveling westbound on State Route 206 in Greene and was headed toward Broome County. They say they spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it, but the operator of the vehicle would not comply. Police officials say the vehicle pursuit traveled through Whitney Point, Lisle, Richford, Berkshire and Newark Valley.

They also say once the pursuit reached Newark Valley, the driver turned off the road, parked the vehicle and attempted to run off on foot. The sheriff’s office said that was when they located 39-year-old male Bradley Hesco. They say Hesco tried to run away from the officers, but they were able to take him into custody.

Additionally, the sheriff’s office said that after towing the vehicle, they found a muzzle-loader long gun, laptops, various tools, a generator, bicycles and more. ——

7:53 P.M. UPDATE:

(WBNG) — Broome County Sheriff’s Office arrested one person in connection with the police pursuit this afternoon. Bradley Hesco, 39, was taken into custody, interviewed and ultimately charged. Charges:
Criminal possession of stolen property 3rd degree, a class D felony
Criminal possession of stolen property 4th degree, a class E felony
Criminal possession of a weapon 4th degree, a class A misdemeanor
Criminal possession of a controlled substance 7th degree, a class A misdemeanor
Resisting arrest, a class A misdemeanor

—– (WBNG) — A police chase that began in Broome County ended in Tioga County with one subject being taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. Captain Kate Newcomb with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office told 12 News the subject stole a FedEx truck.

The truck was reported stolen on Monday. Capt. Newcomb says a deputy noticed the truck on Route 79 in the Town of Lisle and a chase ensued before ending in Newark Valley.

The truck is in possession of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Newcomb says it’s too early to comment on potential charges.

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