Truck driver abandons body of suicide victim, claiming he thought it was a doll

At around 4:30 a.m. on May 14, a woman took her life by jumping off a pedestrian bridge in Tokyo's Adachi Ward. Upon impact with a truck driving beneath the bridge, the woman passed away immediately. However, the driver of the truck carried on for nearly 2 kilometers before noticing an unusual weight on the truck's loading tray.

Common sense dictates that in such a situation, one would pull off at the side of the road, investigate, and alert local authorities upon discovering the body as failure to report a deceased body is constituted as a crime. Instead of taking this course of action, the truck driver proceeded to dump the woman's remains onto the side of the road. A taxi driver behind the truck, who is the case's only eyewitness, called out to the truck driver, possibly wondering why he was stopped on the side of the road with a woman's body.

Rather than relaying what happened to the taxi driver and working to contact the police, the truck driver merely told the other man that the suicide victim's body was "a doll," re-entered his truck, and drove away. Many Japanese netizens were expectedly outraged at the heartless actions of the truck driver, voicing disgust and demanding justice for the treatment of the woman's remains: "It's scary at how the truck driver is just way too cold."

"I wonder if he was drunk, otherwise how else could he have done something so inhumane?" "Is he working for a black company? Because it seems like he just wanted to get to work, and not reporting such a tragic incident for the sake of your job seems like the kind of bullshit a black company would instill in their employees."

"No matter how you're involved in an incident like this, the number one priority should be to report to the authorities first even if you'll be late to check-in at work! I can't fathom to think what this shipping company teaches their employees if this is what one of them does." The Tokyo Metropolitan Police is currently conducting a search for the truck driver.

If you or someone you know is in Japan and having suicidal thoughts, there are people here to help. Click here for more info. Source: Livedoor News via Kinisoku

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