Truck driver destroys boss's $470K Ferrari following heated exchange

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Internet justice is often extremely harsh, and only based on one side of the story, and that's exactly what happened when this picture of a truck sitting on top of a Ferrari emerged recently. At first, the picture was posted with the caption: "The owner of the company decided to stop paying his drivers, so one of them parked their semi on-top of the owner's Ferrari, and left it there."

Click here to view all Ferrari listings on Driven You can imagine the upvotes and likes this post received across Twitter and Reddit, but like most stories that are summed up in one line for a meme's sake, it was incorrect. 

It turns out that the driver in question here, was recently hired remotely to work for the trucking business. After just one load, the driver's behaviour was deemed unacceptable, so was called into the head office to be fired.  As you could imagine, the driver was too happy with this situation, and the two parties fell out over a discussion relating to how the driver was going to get to a local Wal-Mart. 

At this point, the driver asks the business owner if the Ferrari parked out front is his or not. The owner confirms that it is his car, to which the driver responds with a menacing: "Now you'll see what happens when you f**k with me." After saying this, the driver runs out to one of the trucks parked in the yard and jumps in.

After almost running the owner over, the truck smashes into the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, drives up the bonnet, and is left atop the Italian exotic.

We can't imagine that the owner was able to drive his Ferrari home from work that day, or ever again for that matter.

It was likely left a mangled mess after the truck was pulled off it, and a YouTuber looking for a crazy project is its only hope now.

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