Truck driver explains hatchback crash

A truck driver who accidentally pushed a car on its side for almost one kilometre while travelling about 100km down a Victorian highway has tried to explain what happened. Asked how he could travel for so long without noticing there was a car stuck to the front of his semi-trailer, the driver told A Current Affair his truck "can push". "I got a truck motor," he said.

He said he didn't notice that the hatchback was stuck to his front grill while travelling along the Western Ring Road. "I had 22 tonnes of wool on-board. You can't feel it."

A car was pushed sideways along a highway in front of a truck. Source: Nine Source:Supplied

Melbourne mum Kelly Bubeck said she saw the truck very close to her right side, and it moved to the left as she was turning to the right.

"It just jumps and grabs and it was really quick," she said. In an instant she found herself stuck and being pushed sideways in front of the truck while travelling about 100km/h on the highway. The 41-year-old describes the experience as "just terrifying".

Damage to Ms Bubeck's car. Source:Supplied

"I'm literally travelling 100km/h and I'm holding it hard left."

It wasn't until another driver who saw what was happening, managed to attract the attention of the truck driver using his own emergency lights, that he came to a stop.

Ms Bubeck said her car was a write-off but she was not injured.

The driver said he was very sorry it had happened and Victoria Police told ACA that he has not been charged with any offence.

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