Truck driver killed in Sunshine West bus crash

A truck driver has died after suffering a medical episode and crashing into a bus in Melbourne's west. Emergency services attended the accident at the intersection of Sommerville and Fairbairns Road in Sunshine West about 1pm, following reports of a collision between a truck and a bus. Paramedics worked to revive the truck driver, but he died at the scene.

"There was another gentleman who came, took him out of the truck put him on the ground, started CPR for about 15 minutes," witness Charlie said. "I think the ambos were working on him for an hour." The bus driver was taken to Footscray Hospital.

No passengers were believed to be on board the bus at the time. The intersection of Somerville Road and Fairbairn Road is closed to traffic in all directions, with drivers urged to avoid the area. The scene is under the control of emergency services.

The intersection will open to traffic when investigations are complete.

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