Truck driver who nearly forced a ute off the road on a busy Sydney highway is charged

Truck driver who nearly forced a ute off the road on a busy highway is charged – after the other motorist tried a VERY risky manoeuver

  • Dashcam footage shows ute trying to overtake a small truck on busy highway 
  • The ute tried to use the edge of the road to get around a truck in the right lane
  • The truck is seen also veering off the road to prevent the ute from passing 
  • A 47-year-old man from Ruse turned himself into police as driver of the truck


A truck driver who almost forced a ute off the road in a dangerous high-speed alleged road rage incident has been charged after he handed himself in. 

Dashcam footage released by New South Wales Police shows the moment a ute driver repeatedly tried to overtake a small truck by using the breakdown lane on the Hume Highway at Menangle, southwest of Sydney, at about 6.45am on Saturday.

The vision shows a utility and a small truck travelling in the right lane, with the truck failing to keep left and the utility using the fringe of the road to try and get around it.

Each time the ute attempted to overtake the truck it would move into the shoulder lane and allegedly stop the ute from passing, the Macarthur Chronicle reported. 

A 47-year-old man from Ruse handed himself in at the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command headquarters about 4pm Wednesday as the driver of the small truck.

Shocking dashcam footage (pictured) captured the moment a ute and a truck drove dangerously on a NSW highway as the ute tried to overtake the truck on the outside of the road

The man was charged with driving recklessly/furiously or speeding/dangerously and is due to front Campbelltown Local Court later in the year.

NSW Police are still looking for the driver of the ute.     

Video shows the ute, with large PVC piping strapped to the roof, beginning to overtake another utility vehicle.

However the truck in front was also driving over the dividing line, preventing the ute from being able to get past on the shoulder of the road. 

For the rest of the video the ute is seen tailgating the truck with the other lane also blocked by a larger truck. 

At one point the ute tries again and it appears the truck driver purposely tries to block him at high speed. 

It’s at this point it seems to become clear the truck driver is purposely trying to block the right lane and not allowing the tailgating ute to pass. 

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said police have since spoken to the truck driver who captured the footage, and are appealing for further witnesses to come forward.

Truck driver who nearly forced a ute off the road on a busy Sydney highway is charged

The footage showed the ute continually trying to overtake the truck on the outside (pictured), at one point the vehicles almost collide as the truck veered into the path of the ute

‘This event could have quite easily added to the road toll, which already sits at 116 lives lost on NSW roads this year,’ Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

‘We acknowledge drivers may experience frustrating incidents while they are behind the wheel, nothing is worth putting lives at risk.

‘Police are always monitoring social media to identify dangerous driving on the state’s roads so that we can take action.’

He said incidents such as these were becoming more common.

‘The fact that we are regularly alerted to these sorts of incidents by members of the public shows that other road users have had enough; they are united with police in their intolerance for dangerous driving behaviour on NSW roads,’ he said. 

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