Truck-Lite rebrands itself as Clarience Technologies

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. --    Truck-Lite Holdings has a new corporate identity -- the company announced Monday that it has changed its name to Clarience Technologies. It said the name change reflects the company's broader focus on providing total visibility to the commercial and recreational transportation industry through its family of technology-driven brands. "The name Clarience is formed by combining 'clarity', which signifies the visibility and insight that the company brings to its customers, and 'science', which is how it is achieved, the company said.

"We adhere to a simple principle: in transportation, the more you can see and be seen, the better," said CEO Brian Kupchella.

The Clarience family includes several brands. Photo: Clarience Technologies.

The Clarience family includes Truck-Lite Co., Davco Technology, Road Ready, Rigid Industries and Lumitec. The company said the name change will have no effect on the quality of products or services offered.

"All current contracts, agreements, ERP and billing processes will remain as they stand with the individual brands," the company said.

Clarience Technologies has 12 locations worldwide, and supplies products to customers in 68 countries.

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