Truckers can keep on trucking during coronavirus pandemic with help from Truckhaven Carnforth

Truckhaven Carnforth is still providing takeaway food, toilets, showers and rest stops for HGV drivers despite the coronavirus lockdown. Louise Collinson, general manager at Truckhaven Carnforth for 18 months, said: “At the start of the lockdown there was a dramatic loss in business which happened over a day. “We employ 39 people including myself and we have had to furlough 14 staff so far.

Truckhaven Carnforth is still open for business and is providing a vital service to lorry drivers. Copyright: ugc “We have reduced our 24 hour operation but we remain open 24 hours a day.

“We could have closed the doors and saved some money but we didn’t want to. “We’ve had a huge drop in fuel being bought, we used to sell 36,000 litres in a week and we haven’t even done that in two weeks. “At the end of the day it’s really sad.

A lorry driver gives the thumbs up at Truckhaven Carnforth. Copyright: ugc “The evening staff see one or two people and maybe 100 altogether from Monday to Thursday.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday it is so much quieter than a normal week. “We used to see 200-220 people Monday to Thursday. “Wetherspoons and DHL lorries used to do a lot of changeovers (staying overnight whilst another driver takes the trailer) but they don’t any more.

“I would like to thank the lorry drivers who have remained with us, it’s them holding it together. Staff at Truckhaven Carnforth are providing takeaway food for lorry drivers. Copyright: ugc

“The drivers have been so grateful because a lot of truckstops have closed down. “The drivers have been fetching chocolates in for the staff, and saying ‘well done girls, we would be lost without you.’ “We are the only truckstop for miles around that is still open.

Forton services is open for petrol but you can’t get any food or drink. “Burton services is closed but the office staff are still going in, but without the restaurants being open, they come to us for breakfast. “We’ve had a lot of new faces coming in.

“Normally the bar and restaurant is open 24 hours but at the moment drivers can get takeaway food, fuel and use the toilets or showers. “The delivery drivers are getting forgotten about, I’ve never seen anyone praise them. “Some choose not to go home to their families at all so they need somewhere to get something to eat and have a rest and get cleaned up.

“We’ve incorporated a linen service as well for the truckers who aren’t going home, so we wash their garments for them and they are so grateful.

“They are very thankful.”

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