Plant body manufacturer Sterling is up and running after a seven-week closure, and is confident that production will be back to normal levels within six months. The North Yorkshire-based bodybuilder, introduced a number of new social distancing measures at its factory prior to restarting production on 11 May. "It's all gone very smoothly so far," said sales director Jarl James, who explained that the factory is currently running at half capacity with 50% of the workforce still furloughed. "This is because we are reliant on new chassis arriving from the manufacturers, which have mostly been delayed by up to two or three months, and we have to be careful not to run too fast and run out of work," he said.

However, James is confident that as the truck makers ramp-up truck production, so too will Sterling, with normal levels resumed by the autumn.

"We are thankful for a good order book and a decent number of chassis in the yard.

And most of our work is not IVA-dependant, which gives us a bit more control over the builds," he said.

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