Two week compulsory self-isolation for UK arrivals from next month

The Home Secretary has announced that people entering the UK will have to self-isolate for 14 days or face a GBP1,000 fine from next month. Priti Patel introduced details of the temporary public health restrictions, which will be introduced from Monday, June 8 and reviewed every three weeks, at this evening’s press briefing. Ms Patel said: “Anyone breaking their 14 day quarantine could face a penalty of GBP1,000, and that will be a fixed penalty notice, and ultimately that could also go into potential prosecution and an unlimited fine for failure to comply with these sanctions.

“We will keep these penalties under review and will be unafraid to increase them if that is required.” She said Borderforce ‘will be on the frontline of implementing the changes with spot checks as people arrive in the UK’ by mid-June. These checks will monitor whether people have completed an online form, with contact and accommodation details, so they can be traced.

Penalties of GBP100 can also be issued to those who fail to complete the form. People exempt from having to self-isolate upon arrival include road haulage and freight workers, medical professionals and those travelling from within the common travel area (the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands). Ms Patel said that 14 days was the incubation period for the virus.

“If people have become infected overseas, we can limit the spread of the virus at home,” she said. Ms Patel said passenger arrivals in the UK have been down 99 per cent on the previous year, but warned that numbers are increasing which ‘could begin to pose a larger and increasing threat’.  “Any new arrivals entering the country with the disease during this next phase will have a much bigger impact, potentially causing a second wave,” she said.

During the briefing Ms Patel said the Government recognises ‘how hard these changes will be for our travel sector and leisure sectors, who are already struggling through these unprecedented times’.

She said: “Across Government we will continue to work with them and support what is an incredibly dynamic sector to find new ways to reopen international travel and tourism in a safe and responsible way.

A full list of those exempt from the restrictions s said to be published ‘shortly’ on