Your views: When will tips reopen?

Here are some of your comments about when recycling centres may open again. Leisa Walker-Denmark said: "The tips in Merseyside are now open again. If it limited to a few cars at a time allowed in and social distancing was followed I don't see why they can't reopen, because let's face it there are more people in most homes during the day now and people working from home, kids at home that would normally be in school so creates more rubbish."

Dave Baker said: "Get them open so easy to regulate number entering and all in cars till last minute. Can't ask the bin men as they are already busy. Do it like Manchester - odd days odd numbers and even days even numbers."

Hannah Ward said: "Plenty out there that will take your rubbish away for a reasonable cost, have commercial tip licenses who are still able to use some that are not open for public... At least it keeps them in business and stops people fly tipping." Claire Hill said: "God help the workers down there."

Curtis Coplen said: "Got some stuff I need to get rid of when it opens but not rushing." Rob Farrer said: "Rubbish." Darren Miller said: "Last I checked, people are still dying, the virus isn't under control yet either.

Perhaps we could solve these issues before we start complaining about opening the tips?" Pete Birtles-Smith said: "Literally don't understand why it can't be open and then closed throughout the day for the guys there to reorganise etc. If not I don't understand why the bin men are not taking extra waste next to your bin..."

Kris Telfer said: "Well it is only going to make people fly tip."

Darren Gill said: "Perhaps the councils should just say for next few weeks/months all rubbish should be put on your front and collected by the binmen on bin day, then any items the bin wagon cannot take the guys on the wagon ring base and a council truck comes and collects the other bits."

Tracy Bailey said: "What happens if you moved and need extra stuff going in the bin and you can't leave it in your house."

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