Jason Manford stepped in to help injured cyclist during Iceland delivery

Jason Manford has recalled the moment he helped a cyclist who had been hit by a van, while working as an Iceland delivery man. The comedian, 39, recently spent a day dropping off groceries in his local community in Cheshire. After witnessing a collision, he stepped in knowing he had tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies, after catching the virus in March.

When medics arrived from a nearby hotel, he also gave them personal protective equipment (PPE) from his van.

Jason Manford on stage (Yui Mok/PA)

Speaking on Absolute Radio, he said: "I was driving to the last job and as I was coming past Hotel Football, which is owned by Gary Neville, near Old Trafford football ground. "And as I'm driving there, a cyclist comes into the road and the van in front of me hits him. Bang.

The cyclist goes sprawling right across the floor. "There was a real panic on because in this world of social distancing people are like: 'What's the rules? Nobody's told us what this rule is, y'know, do we help?'

"So, people are going over to help but a bit worried. "I know it's not fully been proven that you can't re-catch this disease, but I had Covid back in March, and I've been tested positive for the antibodies, so I leapt out of my Iceland truck and I said 'Stand back, stand back, I've got the antibodies'." Manford said he had made the cyclist lie down before calling over medics from a nearby hotel.

He added: "I realised that Iceland had given me a load of PPE stuff, gloves and masks and wipes, and so I took them back out and gave them to the medical staff so they could all put them on and be super safe." Manford's stint at Iceland came after he said he was turned down for a job at Tesco. The comedian said on social media that he applied for a job as a driver when he had been made "recently unemployed" as he "wanted to feel useful".

However, a spokesman for the supermarket said that Manford missed the deadline for applying to the job.

After he shared screenshots of the rejection on social media, rival supermarket Iceland offered him the chance to work a shift.

The comedian is sitting in for Dave Berry on the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show this week.

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