Speedy’s latest graffiti trailers take aim at racism

TORONTO, Ont. - As racial tensions mount south of the border, a Canadian fleet is using two trailers to deliver a message of solidarity. Speedy Transport's Everyone vs. Racism graffiti project will see two trailers decorated by artist Jessey Pacho, which will condemn racism and promote unity.

They'll be pulled by specially decorated tractors sporting Black Lives Matter decals.

(Photo: Speedy Transport)

"The Everyone vs. Racism graffiti project is inspired by recent and recurring events," Speedy Transport president Jared Martin told Today's Trucking. "Simply not being racist doesn't fix or identify oppressors. We have the largest moving billboards in North America with an opportunity to deliver the message, literally."

Martin said the company's fight against racism won't stop with the rollout of the trailers, but "it's where we're starting as an organization.

If we lose busines for the movement, we've lost the right business."

(Photo: Speedy Transport)

One of the trailers will run domestically while the other will be dispatched into the U.S.

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