Water Firm Rolls Out Hydrogen-Fuelled Tanker

Yorkshire Water is doing a little bit for decarbonising the lorries of the world, as it’s taken delivery of one innovative new tanker that uses niche alternative eco-friendly fuel hydrogen. It is a bit of a token effort, mind, as the utility has converted just the one 7.5-tonne tanker to run on the cleaner fuel source. But at least this one particular lorry will output 33 per cent less carbon as a result, even if that is little more than a sniff in the national reservoir of fumes.

Oh and it’s a “hydrogen dual fuel” model too, hence the fairly small drop in CO2 output because there’s a good old diesel engine onboard as well.

Still, well done for trying.

Here’s a sticker of a truck driver doing a thumbs-up out of the window for you to put on the dashboard. [WWT]

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