Abandoned Audi used as a hive for drug taking dragged from alley by police

Police and roadside recovery have dragged an abandoned Audi from behind a house after receiving information that drug use was taking place in the vehicle. On Thursday, officers in Blackburn were were made aware of incidents of anti-social behaviour and drug use in the abandoned car, which had been parked at the back of a house in the town centre. The Audi, which was also obstructing an alleyway, was removed from the alley by the police after efforts to contact the registered keeper proved futile.

After being dragged from the alley it was placed onto a recovery truck to be taken away from the area. A spokesperson for the police said: “We have received reports of anti-social behaviour and drug use in this abandoned vehicle at the rear of a town centre property, which was also causing an unnecessary obstruction to the rear alley way. “After enquiries with a local keeper were carried out, but proved negative, triple A earned their call out fee trying to drag it out of the back alley to get it on the truck.

“Hopefully this will mean no more anti-social behaviour and drug use in this location.”

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