Boris betrays UK’s 37m drivers

11:00 Wed 29th Jul 2020 | Posted By UKHAULIER

In response to the imminent announcement that Boris Johnson is to announce a ?2bn spend to convert our city centres into cycling paradise, Howard Cox of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "In his latest craving to make us all thin and healthy, our Prime Minister is happy to make our towns and cities no go zones for the internal combustion engine. Favouring only 3% of road users in the UK, Boris is to betray the worlds already highest taxed motorists, van drivers and truckers to put in place virtual signalling urban no driving areas, to be replaced with taxpayers financed cycleways, that the massive majority will not use.

This Government's ignorance will decimate businesses and the economies of our major towns and cities and is a naive knee jerk response to those emotive driven, well financed, so called environmental groups based in the London bubble.

FairFuelUK will fight this strategy tooth and nail."

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