BYGONES: Piece of cake for 'unusual' wedding guest

AN UNUSUAL four-legged guest was invited to the wedding reception of Valerie Needham and Brian Cox, at The Admiral Cunningham, 59 years ago. Miss Needham, who was a groom at the Grange, Binfield, left her steed outside during the celebrations, but her mother sneaked out to feed the horse with icing from the happy couple’s wedding cake. A scale model of “Bracknell’s College of the Future” went on show to the public in 1961, with the promise that construction of the new GBP400,000 education centre, situated at the eastern end of the High Street, would be completed by 1963/64.

The South East Berks College of Further Education would provide full-time, as well as part-time, day and evening courses, including day release. Managing director of Bracknell Motors Fred Birch, qualified as a member of the exclusive Shark Fishing Club of Great Britain, after catching a 91lb Blue Shark off the coast of Cornwall. For Fred it was the end of six-year bid to enter the club, catching a shark over 75lb meant automatic qualification, and on his return from his trip Mr.

Birch told the News: “It was well worth waiting for.” A Bracknell firm was ready to export a big order of P.V.C. ducting to the U.S.S.R. in 1961, and a photo was published showing workers at Extrudex Limited, loading the goods with a forklift truck. Within days of the snap being taken, five lorry loads of the ducting was on its way to be included in the construction of a huge factory in Moscow.

The No.

53 bus from Crowthorne to Bracknell only got as far as the High Street in June 1961, when it struck a car and swerved into the side of a parked van. Luckily, nobody was injured, but the incident report in the News did not reveal how passengers managed to get out of the bus, as the door was firmly wedged into the stationary van. The final selection for Bracknell’s Carnival Queen and her senior attendant was made at Sperry’s 58 years ago, the two being chosen from 12 finalists.

Irene Fowler and Marie Horn were described in the picture caption as having: “Hazel eyes, ash blonde and fair-haired, blue eyes, respectively.”

Fans of the legendary singer and actor, Doris Day, were rushing to get their hands on the singer’s latest LP vinyl record entitled: “Bright and Shiny.”

With a shiny new contract with Columbia Records, Doris was hoping to continue her successful singing career, which included the 1 million selling “Sentimental Journey.