Dashcam footage shows terrifying moment car hurtles the wrong way down the A30

A truck driver has described how he was forced to frantically flash his lights and blast his horn as a car hurtled towards him while travelling the wrong way down the A30. Dave Thomas was driving a 44 tonne articulated lorry when he met a car while travelling westbound near the Colliford Lake junction. The incident occurred on a stretch of the road that is separated by a central reservation, Cornwall Live reports .

Looking for today’s top stories in one place? Sign up for our newsletter here Mr Thomas caught the entire terrifying ordeal on his dashcam. He said: “This car was heading towards me.

“I drive a 44-tonne artic and two minutes before I was overtaking a heavy goods vehicle and after a car overtook me. “It was unbelievable. I felt sick.

I flashed my lights and blasted the horn. I just hope they realised and turned around.”

A car drives the wrong way as it approaches oncoming traffic on the A30

It is not the first time that Dave has come across such an incident on the roads. He added: “I have actually seen it twice in the past.

“Once, in the day, someone turned right but realised straight away and turned around, and I’ve also seen one the opposite side at night going the same direction as me but other side.

It’s frightening.

“Hopefully this will raise awareness and make people be more vigilant.”

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