Driver on way to Romania stopped for having illegal tyres

POLICE stopped a car with illegal tyres on its way to Romania. The vehicle was initially brought to the attention of Dorset Police No Excuse officers for showing no insurance on the database. However, officers found the driver had bought the vehicle in the last few days for GBP500 and the insurance was in order.

A No Excuse spokesperson said: “The insurance was all in order with a policy taken out that morning, the vehicle was loaded with lots of items, taking them back to Romania. “The tyres came to our attention, first the front tyre had no tread and was exposing the cord and the rear tyre had damage, being in a dangerous condition. “The driver said, ‘I knew they were bad’ with his wife saying ‘no wonder the car was a bargain’.

“We issued a ticket to court for the driver due to how bad the tyres were, he was concerned due to being a HGV driver here in the UK.”

The driver located two new tyres from a friend and called a tyre company to change them at a cost of GBP150.

He was then allowed to carry on to Romania.

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