Essex Highways engineer nearly hit by delivery driver

AN inpatient delivery driver was caught on camera mounting a pavement and grass verge after refusing to wait for engineers to clear his way. The shocking video posted online by Essex Highways shows the van driver barely even waited behind the truck as they worked to clear a drain in Holt Drive, Colchester. He then sidles up on to the pavement before driving on to a grass verge and passing dangerously close between the engineer and a nearby tree.

The shocking incident happened shortly after 11am and was captured on video. It is thought the driver works for a big delivery firm.

Extreme version of incidents some staff face regularly: Drain crew routine clearing Holt Drive #Colchester 30 June. White van driver can’t wait 2 minutes, so drives on pavement & verge close to our colleague Number plate reported to police.

Believe delivery driver for major firm.

— Essex Highways (@essexhighways) July 10, 2020

  A spokesman for Essex Highways said their staff faced incidents like this on a regular basis, although this was admittedly more serious than usual. “This is an extreme version of incidents some staff face regularly,” he said.

“A drain crew were undertaking routine clearing in Holt Drive, Colchester on June 30. “As they were working, a white van driver who could not wait for two minutes, drove on to the pavement and verge close to our colleague. “The number plate was reported to police.

“We believe he is a delivery driver for a major firm.” The Safer Essex Roads Partnership, (SERP) which aims to improve driving standards across the county, said businesses should take action if their drivers were flouting the rules like this. A spokesman for the partnership said: “Are you that major firm?

“Are you sure that your drivers are behaving as you would like them to? “Contact us for free guidance and advice.” They also offer training course and consultations for anyone who employs drivers.

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