Lorry driver rams through level crossing barrier

A lorry driver was captured on video ramming through a level crossing as it closed, smashing one of the gates off its hinges. Footage shows the vehicle approaching the crossing as the barrier begins to close but instead of coming to a halt, the driver accelerates, shearing the barrier off and bringing traffic to a halt. The lorry, registered with Dutch haulage firm Mammoet, then appears to drive away.

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The incident, which took place last Friday near Manningtree station in Essex, was captured by a Network Rail security camera and widely shared online.

The crash, which happened around 3pm, left the road closed throughout the Friday rush hour as Network Rail operatives cleared the debris.

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A spokesperson for Network Rail said at the time: “I apologise to those affected and understand how frustrating this disruption is, especially as we approach home time on a Friday.

“It is vital that we make the level crossing safe for everyone before reopening the road.”

The road was eventually reopened at 6:45pm that evening.

British Transport Police confirmed that a man had been reported for consideration of prosecution in relation to the incident.

Drivers who ignore level crossing signals face a GBP60 fine and points on their licence, though criminal charges could be brought against them if police consider the offence to be more serious.