Police release images of stolen bikes seized from Bullar Road

It comes after police seized more than 40 bikes from a home on Bullar Road on Sunday. As part of an ongoing police investigation, officers have released individual pictures of each of the 48 bikes that are believed to be stolen. Many neighbours were concerned that their previously-stolen bikes may have been involved in the incident.

It is also believed that some of these bikes were being advertised for sale online, which police confirm they are looking into. As reported, a 20-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen property but was later released.

He currently remains under investigation. Police seized the vehicles that were believed to be stolen and loaded them onto a truck. Residents “could not believe” how many bikes were being seized at around 7pm.

Anyone who believes a bike could be theirs will have to prove they own it. A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: “We recovered 48 bikes on Sunday, and believe they are stolen. “If you’ve had a bike stolen please view the photos by clicking on the link below.

“If you think one of them is yours, please phone 101 with reference 44200279540.

Proof of ownership needed.”

To view the bikes, scroll through our gallery above.