Truck driver survives electric shock, set alight after steel structure load hits overhead power lines

Wichit Municipality rescue workers were called to the scene, the intersection of Chao Fa West Rd and Muang Chaofa Rd (see map below), at around midday. At the scene, officers saw the six-wheeled truck still stopped in the right southbound lane with the steel structure in the back still in contact with the power lines. In front of a restaurant nearby was the truck driver, who rescue workers did not name, with burns to his left arm and both feet, and injuries to his mouth and chin sustained when he collapsed to the ground after being shocked.

Footage from a CCTV camera overlooking the intersection showed the truck slowly moving off after the lights turned green. A flash of blue-white can be seen as the steel structure in the back of the truck connected with power lines hung across the intersection, before the truck slowed to a halt. The driver dismounted from the cab only to have flames erupt along his body as he touched the ground.

The driver then collapsed onto the road, and his friend in the truck immediately raced off to get help.

People nearby when the incident happened explained to rescue workers that after they realised what had happened, they approached the driver, careful not to touch him, to see what assistance they could provide. While standing near the truck, the front tyre exploded, prompting people from shops nearby to use an electrical fire extinguisher to douse the truck as a precaution. With people standing by unable to touch him, the truck driver rolled himself to the side of the road before they could be confident in rendering assistance with being shocked themselves.

A rescue worker told The Phuket News that they provided immediate first aid to the driver before taking him to a hospital nearby.

However, the rescue worker said he could not confirm the severity of the driver’s burns.

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