Winery and tasting venue near Horsham praised as ‘a great idea’

Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate is seeking planning permission from Horsham District Council to demolish some agricultural buildings on its site in Hammerpond Road to make way for the proposed new winery. But Colgate and Nuthurst Parish Councils are opposing the plans saying the area is one of ‘outstanding natural beauty.’ They are also concerned that the size of the operation – producing 95,000 bottles of wine a year with 285,000 bottles in storage – could lead to a dangerous increase in traffic on nearby country roads.

It is planned to build a winery and tasting venue at the site SUS-201108-122112001 Scores of residents have also put forward objections. But Mannings Heath Golf and Wine estate operations director Nick Rea said: “A 100,000 bottle winery is a fairly modest affair and not a place of high activity, last time we did an audio test the loudest noise you might hear would be the beep of a fork lift truck.”

He described the local councils’ objections as “ill informed and quite pathetic.” He said the company had a wine estate in South Africa which was at the centre of a high end residential estate and was a “huge attraction for residential living. “We have had enormous local support and have been complimented for creating additional local jobs and a local amenity.”

He said the company had already removed plans for a restaurant on the Mannings Heath site and reduced the size of the development. A number of people in Horsham are also in favour of the wine estate proposals. Many have taken to the County Times Facebook page to voice their approval.

Bryn Lear posted: “I’ve visited the winery that is owned by the lady that owns Mannings Heath and it is beautiful! I’m sure this would be a huge asset to the area rather than a hindrance.” Andrew Hinton said: “Sounds like a great idea.” And Kimmy Louise Salisbury said: “Fabulous idea, and can’t wait to visit for a wine tasting once Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate hopefully get planning permission.”

Bob Daisley added: “A brilliant idea. Need these industries to support the local areas. Much much better than housing.”

And Valerie Baylis said: “Brilliant idea.

Increases jobs in the area and surely a vineyard would enhance the beauty of the surrounding area far better than the land being sold off for yet another housing development.”

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