FSM – National intelligence portal launched in determined bid to track criminal gangs

THE SMARTWATER Group, one of the UK’s fastest-growing risk management companies, has launched its Intelligence Portal in Shropshire to help track organised criminal gangs as they move across the UK in a bid to steal valuable assets from infrastructure and construction sites. Costing over GBP2 million to establish, the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection benefits from unique access to privileged closed source data provided by both the police service and its clients, enabling highly trained analysts to track the movement of the gangs across the UK. The benefit for clients – among them the Solar Trade Association, The Survey Association and the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group – is that, as the criminal gang travels into a new region, Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection analysts send ‘early warning’ security alerts to enable the rapid deployment of target-hardening measures designed to protect key assets.

According to the National Crime Agency, serious and organised crime (which includes attacks on infrastructure sites) now affects the UK more than any other national security threat. It’s estimated to cost the UK’s economy at least GBP37 billion per annum, with that figure increasing year-on-year. SmartWater’s Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection has already assisted the police in securing the conviction of hundreds of criminals for serious offences against Critical National Infrastructure.

One case involved the tracking of a criminal gang across the Midlands region as the constituent members stole hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of solar panels.

Working in partnership with the police, a trap was set using a combination of SmartWater forensics and mobile CCTV, resulting in the arrest and conviction of the gang for acts of theft.

Gary Higgins, SmartWater Technology’s COO and head of the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection, informed Security Matters: “With its privileged access to closed source data, the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection offers a key service for its many clients, further enhancing the SmartWater Group’s reputation as an innovator in the realms of risk management.”

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