Halton police charge truck driver that clamped brake line together

It’s not a story you hear everyday. Halton police say they pulled over and eventually charged a truck driver that was driving with a leaking brake line clamped together with wrenches and zip ties.

What wrong in this photo? A truck driver was stopped during Safe Start enforcement near a local school & officers noted a leaking brake line clamped.

It’s been like that for awhile. This truck is now ‘unfit’ for road use & the driver was charged. Safe trucks = safe roads ^rs pic.twitter.com/nUgMU9Uq9w

— Halton Police (@HaltonPolice) September 9, 2020

Officers tell 680 News patrol pulled the driver over around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in the Dundas Street and Appleby Line area in Burlington near John William Boich Public School. “A decommissioned former fire tanker truck, used to haul water, was stopped and found to have inoperative brakes and a brake line clamped off due to previously leaking,” the press release reads. “Holes in the floor of the truck cab were also located along with an exhaust leak, which could pose a serious safety risk to the driver.

Police say the driver was also charged with operating a commercial truck with a standard G class passenger vehicle licence. “Yesterday’s enforcement serves as a reminder that much work remains to be done to ensure commercial motor vehicle owners and drivers do their part to ensure their vehicles are safe,” Sergeant Ryan Snow said. “Commercial motor vehicles can be seen across our region, including areas in close proximity to schools where our children and community members congregate.”

The stop was conducted as part of “Project Safe Start” – an annual road safety initiative.

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