Mitsubishi L200 long-term test

It’s a car that has always been present on the fringes of my life, too, because I’ve long had a keen interest in pick-up trucks and my uncle (a farmer) had a bright blue L200 when I was growing up. It amazed me back then to think how large it was inside, and how easily it could fit myself, my brother, my cousin and all of the supplies needed to run a busy farm inside without batting an eyelid.

Now, as you’ll no doubt have heard from the other photographers on the What Car? team, ours is a job where no two days are the same. One morning we could be in a muddy field, and the next standing up to our knees in water, all trying to get the pictures you see in the magazine and on the website.

The point is, I need a car that can handle any terrain and is large enough to handle all of my gear. 

What’s sitting on my driveway now, then, is a new L200. More specifically, it’s an L200 in Barbarian X trim and with an automatic gearbox. Under the bonnet is a 148bhp 2.3-litre diesel engine, which should have more than enough grunt to haul the car around, even when it’s fully laden with my gear. 

While Barbarian X trim comes with plenty of goodies, not least leather seats, a heated steering wheel and front seats, and a 360deg parking camera to avoid any embarrassing scrapes in car parks, I have nonetheless added a few options.

The most obvious one is the hard-top cover for the load bay, which means I can keep my camera kit secure and away from prying eyes when it’s not being used. 

It’s early days, of course, but so far the reversing camera is earning its keep, because parking the L200 at my local Tesco supermarket has been a challenge to say the least.

Unlike the best large SUVs, pick-up trucks don’t do anything to hide their size.

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