Tamworth MP welcomes business recovery campaign success as new data shows rising traffic levels on region’s roads

TAMWORTH MP Christopher Pincher has welcomed the success of a new campaign to help boost the Midlands business recovery as new data from the M6toll reveals a surge in traffic levels on the region’s roads.

According to exclusively released traffic data from the M6toll, from June to August there has been a 65% increase in business and commuter traffic on the road as Midlands businesses and their employees return to work. The data shows a particular spike in the numbers of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) on the M6toll, as hauliers, logistics and retail companies seek a reliable and efficient alternative to the rising congestion on the region’s roads. Further encouraging signs come from weekend traffic volumes, with an 11% increase recorded.

It’s a trend driven by increasing numbers of local drivers using the M6toll for short, journeys to local attractions and amenities, helping to both boost the regional economy and ease localised congestion. Overall traffic levels for all types of vehicles using the M6toll from June to August have increased by 31%, providing further evidence of the gathering pace of the regional recovery as the Midlands comes out of lockdown. It’s a recovery aided in recent weeks by the launch of the Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign, an M6toll led initiative designed to support Midlands people and businesses as they emerge from the pandemic.

As a key campaign partner, the M6toll has been helping Midlands workers and businesses in July and August by halving the cost of many local journeys for all vehicle types exiting at local plaza junctions. In a further effort to get more goods and materials moving around the UK, the M6toll has also halved the cost for new HGV customers using the road end-to-end for a three-month period. Christopher Pincher, MP for Tamworth, has welcomed the campaign and its contribution in reviving the regional economy by helping Tamworth businesses’ and their employees get back to work in recent months.

Christopher Pincher, the MP for Tamworth, said; “I welcome the role that M6toll and the ‘Let’s Get The Midlands Moving’ campaign are playing in supporting the economic recovery in Tamworth and the West Midlands more widely. “The growth in the amount of traffic using the road over the summer shows the support that M6toll is providing to enable local businesses and commuters to return to work, something which has been further aided by the discounts available through the campaign. “I am pleased to see Tamworth-based businesses benefiting from and supporting the ‘Let’s Get The Midlands Moving’ campaign.

I am sure the M6toll will continue to play a positive role in supporting our area’s recovery from COVID-19 and the long-term growth of the West Midlands’s economy.” Andy Cliffe, M6toll Chief Executive, said: “Our latest data paints a very positive picture, with the increases in both business and leisure traffic providing strong indicators that the Midlands is beginning to move again. “With traffic levels rising since June, our Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign has been well timed to help businesses and workers quickly and reliably cut through the increasing congestion and achieve business and time efficiencies.

“The increase in weekend traffic shows how effective the campaign discounts have been in helping local drivers take more short and regular trips, while also easing the burden for local staycationers during the summer. “Overall, the signs are very encouraging with increasing numbers of firms and their workers returning to the Midlands roads and the Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign playing its part in helping to drive the regional recovery.”

The Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign is also being backed by Tamworth Council and businesses from the region including the construction, haulage, transport and retail sectors. Councillor Danny Cook, Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, said: “These figures are really encouraging and show the important role that the M6toll is playing in supporting Tamworth and the wider West Midlands in returning to work.

“I also welcome the support that the M6toll has been providing through the ‘Let’s Get The Midlands Moving’ campaign and the benefits that the discounts on offer have delivered for Tamworth residents, including local businesses. “The West Midlands transport network will play a key role in supporting our area’s economic recovery from COVID-19 and I hope that the M6toll will continue to make a positive contribution to this effort.” Vogue Build, a Tamworth base building firm, is also fully behind the campaign and has utilised the discounts to travel to build projects that are literally laying the foundations for their business recovery, following on from the lockdown.

Founder and Director Andy Pendrey said: “With roads becoming busier we’re delighted to have the option of the M6toll. It can make a huge difference on the time spent travelling to and from sites. “The M6toll often saves us half-an-hour or an hour each way and that means we can start jobs earlier and finish later.

Time is money and being stuck in traffic costs us financially and personally. It’s good to arrive on time, feeling fresh and ready for every job. “Since things have started to open up, we’re seeing a gradual recovery taking place.

Our team is now back at full strength and we’re working through the backlog of jobs. “It’s important for everybody get back up and running again. Not just in our industry.

Business across the region needs to recover as it will have a positive effect for everyone. The Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign is a great idea and we’ll happy to be backing it all the way.” Trade and business organisations including the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Greater Birmingham and Black Country Chambers of Commerce have also pledged their support for the campaign.

For more details about the Let’s Get The Midlands Moving campaign visit: m6toll.co.uk/get-the-midlands-moving/ 

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