HGV school ban in Malton following concerns over pupils' safety

AN experimental HGV ban has been introduced outside the two primary schools in Malton following concerns over pupils’ safety. Following the introduction of the weight limit across the railway line between Malton and Norton, lorries have been diverted past St Mary’s RC and Malton Primary Schools in Highfield Road. However, concerns have been raised about the safety of children walking to and from school due to the increase in traffic.

Earlier this month two incidents were reported where cars had mounted the pavement, one narrowly missing a child and the other where a parent was hit by a wing mirror. The 18-month restriction will prohibit HGVs using Highfield Road, between 8.30am to 9am and 2.45pm to 3.45pm. Parent Matt Ward said that while it was great to see the signs go up offering some extra protection, a more permanent solution was needed.

“I think the reality is we should not be allowing HGV traffic past the schools at any time,” he said. “The council claim there was no increase in pollution when they diverted traffic from the original route, but that is hardly believable given they claim a significant drop in pollution on the old route. “The solution is to build a link to the A64 from Showfield Lane, but in the meantime this is a start, although I would like to see the area outside both schools prohibited to all vehicles and no parking on the pavements at these times as well, as they are used as parking bays.” North Yorkshire County Cllr Lindsay Burr said: “I am delighted the experimental weight limit restrictions are now in force.

The best and strategic long-term solution for would be to have slip roads on to the A64, however this is all down to money and this is not forthcoming but I will continue to put plans forward.”

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