Order books open for new Volvo heavy truck range

New driver interface A new 12-inch fully digital main instrument display gives the driver easy access to key information, including driving times and road sign identification, making it easier to plan ahead and reduce the risk of violating regulations. Offering four selectable views, drivers can easily customise the content and appearance of the main instrument display.

Options include Load view, which allows control of the load weight, gross vehicle weight and axle pressure per axle, or for trucks with a navigation system installed, the Navigation view provides clear and easy-to-follow maps. Fans of a more classic Volvo look can choose the Home view, whilst those preferring to see only essential information can choose the Focus view. The main instrument display can be supplemented with an easy-to-navigate 9-inch side display for managing communication, infotainment and transport information.

Up to eight cameras can also be connected to the side display, and four camera views can be displayed simultaneously. Information in both displays can be presented in more than 30 languages, with the system capable of storing multiple custom settings simultaneously – perfect for trucks shared between drivers. The instrument functions are easily controlled via new, intuitively grouped steering wheel controls, as well as from the instrument panel and by voice command.

The side display functions can also be managed by touching the screen directly. Trucks with more than one drive axle will have a new anti-spin control function to help the driver quickly and easily manage potentially risky traffic situations, both during on- and off-road driving. The driver simply needs to turn a lever to activate the differential locks.

The increased traction is shown on the digital instrument display. “The whole instrument panel is designed to allow the driver to manage information intuitively and efficiently, with less stress. It has a functional and robust design, with generous storage compartments and several USB charging ports,” adds Burgess.

The Volvo I-Shift gear selector has a new design that is more practical and ergonomic, providing greater freedom of movement inside the cab.

The gearchange programs have also been enhanced and now include economy, standard and performance modes.

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