Police stop 'dangerously overloaded' van on M6 near Carlisle

POLICE stopped a van which was dangerously overloaded as part of an operation on the M6 northbound. Officers from Cumbria Constabulary’s Road Safety Team worked alongside partners from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to carry out check point checks at Todhills. The van – a hire vehicle – was carrying kitchen units nearly double the legal weight limit.

Police said the driver was given a ticket for being “dangerously overloaded” and was stopped from continuing his journey until a suitable vehicle was found. Another van driver whose vehicle was found to be unroadworthy was also prohibited from continuing their journey, while an overweight trailer was discovered and a truck operating without a licence. Collision reduction officer Norman Black said: ”

If you overload your vehicle it will impact your braking distance and take longer for the vehicle to slow down.

“There is also the risk of the vehicle being imbalanced and causing the driver to lose control.”

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