Scania introduces a range of high-tech gearboxes

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36 mins ago

Scania is introducing a new range of gearboxes, representing an investment of 400 million Euros.  The range will retain the well-established Scania Opticruise branding, and will ultimately replace all current automated Scania Opticruise solutions. The first member of the new range – G33CM Opticruise – is linked to the updated Scania V8 engines and Scania’s high-output 500 and 540 horsepower 13-litre engines.  With its benchmark capabilities, the new AMT range has been designed to ensure Scania’s successful, low-rev and fuel-efficient powertrains maintain their premium standing within the transport industry over the coming decade. “This introduction adds yet another vital Scania component to remaining highly com-petitive in ICE-based powertrains all the way up to 2030,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing. “The new gearbox range is a prime example of Scania’s technological excellence, bringing increased fuel and transport efficiency to our customers in a sustainable way.”

Scania has a long and proud tradition in offering automated manual gearboxes under the Scania Opticruise name, which was first introduced in the early 1990s.  As Alexander Vlaskamp explains, this latest investment is firmly in line with Scania’s commitment to continuous improvement:  “The development of a new range has been absolutely necessary,” states Vlaskamp.  “Our new gearboxes offer the improve-ments that are needed for more efficient and sustainable road transport in the coming decade.  A core feature is the wider spread of ratios, making them better suited to meet our low-rev engines with extended economy-gearing and reduced fuel consumption.”   With sales commencing in October 2020, the first version of the new gearboxes can be coupled with three of Scania’s four new Euro 6 V8s and two inline six engines.

The first vehicles with a G33CM-based Scania Opticruise solution will be pro-duced in February 2021.

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