Tow truck driver avoids crash, turns in OVI suspect: North Olmsted Police Blotter


OVI: I-480

An officer at 7 p.m. Oct.

8 responded to a call of a reckless driver on I-480 westbound that exited at Great Northern Boulevard.

The officer spotted the car pulling into the Great Northern Mall parking lot. Police approached the car and found two men standing outside of it.

One of the men said he was a tow truck driver who called police on the suspect because the two had been driving on I-480 when the suspect, who had been driving only 45 mph, suddenly changed lanes and nearly collided with the tow truck. The truck driver said he slammed on his brakes to avoid a crash, and the suspect’s car continued straddling two lanes.

The truck driver was concerned the car driver was either intoxicated or having a medical emergency. The truck driver followed the car into the mall parking lot, parked directly behind the suspect’s car, and grabbed the suspect by the wrist to prevent him from walking away.

When police spoke with the car driver, officers smelled an alcoholic beverage.

He admitted to having a few alcoholic drinks. His speech was slurred, his eyes were glassy, and he was swaying in place, according to a police report.

Police charged the suspect with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving without a license, and having an open container in a motor vehicle.

Petty theft: Brookpark Road

Officers at 11 a.m. Oct.

4 responded to Walmart regarding two suspected shoplifters.

As the officers arrived, two male suspects got into a taxi that began driving away. Police stopped the taxi and detained the two occupants, who said they had been shopping and used the self-checkout line to pay.

A store loss prevention officer said the suspects only scanned nine items but bagged many others. The men also refused to stop for the loss prevention officer when he tried to detain them.

The men are accused of taking £161 in items including cuts of meat.

Both men are charged with petty theft.

Shoplifting: Brookpark Road

Police Oct.

3 charged a woman with petty theft after a loss prevention worker at Walmart reported seeing her take numerous items worth £229 without paying for them.

The store employee called police about 7 p.m. to report he was detaining the woman after seeing her go through a self-checkout line and fail to scan or pay for items including meat, baby wipes, food items, and cleaning supplies.

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