Tribute to mother and children who died in A40 crash

FLOWERS and other tributes to the four victims of a horror crash on the A40 can be laid outside a community church in South Oxfordshire. Mourners who wish to pay their respects can leave flowers and cards at the front of St Andrew’s Church in Chinnor, where the family of six were from. Three children and their mother have died after the crash between a truck and a Subaru people carrier that happened at 9.20pm last night near to the railway overbridge just to the west of Oxford.

Two girls, who were four and eight-years-old, a six-year-old boy and their mother, 29, were pronounced dead at the scene. READ MORE: Mum and three children die in horror crash on A40 Two other passengers in the people carrier, the father of the children and an 18-month-old girl, have been taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital, where they remain in a critical condition.

Chinnor Parish Council took to social media to pay respects to the victims: “As a close Chinnor community, we are all so saddened and shocked to hear about the tragic accident last night. “The community church have created a space for flowers to be laid for the family. “This is at the front of the church in the High Street.”

Book of Condolence for mother and children who died in horror crash

“We wish to offer the community a place to send their condolences after such tragic news.

Whether you knew them or you just want to send your thoughts, this is a space for you to do so. Please know we will moderate content to ensure this remains a respectful space.”

We asked for your responses – this is what you sent.

Community contributor

What heartbreaking news my prayers are with the father and youngest child. May the mother and her 3 children gently rest in god?s arms.

Vicki Bowler

There are no words to express my sadness.

To have such a young family ripped apart in such a way is just unimaginable. I had to drive passed the accident scene today, and I?m not ashamed to say that I cried. To know what happened there was so sad.

I hope the mum is holding her children?s hands up in heaven, while we all pray for husband and baby. R.I.P. x

Community contributor

My heart goes out to the lorry driver and all those attending or witnessed the accident. To the father and young child, I hope for best outcome.

Community contributor

so sad, heartbreaking

Ann Wille-J?rgensen

I live in Denmark and have just heard this sad news on BBC Radio 4.

I don’t know the family at all but all those deaths will have ripple effects on everyone who knew them. Praying for the father and remaining child, I cannot imagine, if they survive, how they will cope with this.

Community contributor

So sorry, my heart is breaking. It?s just so sad, I have no words.

Kirsty Knight

I have a tear in my eye as I write this.

Words can?t express how awful this is. I just can?t comprehend. I will think about you all.

And everyone that witnessed these devastating events that will stay with them forever. Love.

Jo Boyd-Leslie

We are devastated to hear this tragic news and our love and thoughts go out to the family at this sad time.

Community contributor

This is desperately sad, a young mother and 3 young children taken so tragically. I hope you are all at peace in the devine arms of our saviour Jesus Christ.

My prayers are with you all and your husband and baby who i prayer make a full recovery. God bless you all.

Isabel Isabel Turnock

Truly heartbreaking condolences to your family and friends ????????????

Community contributor

I don?t know the family, I live in Cumbria. I heard the sad story on the radio.

I cannot imagine what both families are going through. My thoughts and prays are with you all.

Sarah C

Sending strength and love to you and all in your extended family, from a mum in Oxford.

Community contributor

My thoughts are with those left behind. May they rest in eternal peace, and may strength be given to the father and child.

Jenny Colyer

So sad to hear this tragic news at the lost of 4 precious lives and hope that the husband and youngest child make a recovery as they will need each other.

Community contributor

Can?t imagine the feelings of anyone involved in in this situation.

I never usually take to social media but this is another level. Bless you.

Community contributor

So sorry to hear of this loss to so many young people, my thoughts are with you all x

Community contributor

From a mother of four in Denbigh, my thoughts and prayers to all in any way connected to this tragic accident. May you somehow know His Peace in the midst of your grief and tears.

Community contributor

Absolute heartbreaking news.

So sorry for all involved in this accident & may the beautiful little angels we tragically lost RIP

Community contributor

Sending our love to the father of the family involved in this horrendous tragic accident, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Words can?t comprehend the sadness I feel for you, having lost my daughter to a tragic accident.

Community contributor

I am so sorry to read about this tragedy, poor souls taken in this terrible accident. I hope that you rest in peace with your children for eternity.

God Bless you and your family… Tony Eves, Hertfordshire.

Scott & Georgina Sheridan

We are deeply disturbed and saddened to hear of such tragic news. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family at this awful time.

From the bottom of our hearts we hope Daddy and Baby make a full recovery and Mummy, Brother and Sister?s forever rest in peace. xXx

Community contributor


Community contributor

My thoughts are with the father and youngest child after such a tragic accident on the A40 where he lost 4 members of his family I cannot begin to imagine such a loss as I?m a mother of 4 children myself it breaks my heart to read such very sad news my heart goes out to you both and the rest of your family may you find comfort they are altogether rest peacefully x

Community contributor

I don’t know you but from one mother to another, I’m totally heartbroken to read this.

I hope you and your three babies find eternal peace. Rest easy knowing that these children passed knowing they were loved and cared for. All my prayers and thoughts are with your partner and youngest child, he has hundreds of thousands of people thinking about him right now.

Rest peacefully beautiful angel x

Community contributor


Community contributor

Absolutely devastating news.

Thoughts go to the family and friends of this family. I hope and pray with everything that I have that the father and 18 month pull through. Thoughts are also going to my colleagues in the emergency services that attended.

Love to all involved xxxxxxx

Community contributor

This is absolutely heartbreaking. I don’t know this family, but I have children of the same age. Sending my thoughts to all involved.

I hope and pray for the dad and baby to make a full recovery. Sleep tight mummy with your children forever in your arms. xxxx

Community contributor

So very, very sad to see this on our local news, and now to read it online. Thoughts and prayers go out to the husband and little one who survived, to the other family members and friends of this family, and to all the medical personnel who will have come into contact with this accident.

As was said before, I hope they have the strength to cope after the sights they will have seen and will never forget. XXXX

Community contributor

May you rest in peace. Sad day.

Community contributor

Reading this with a heavy heart, thinking of everyone affected by this terrible incident.

Sending wishes for a recovery of the father and baby in intensive care. Thinking of all the emergency workers who attended the scene and for the hospital workers treating the injured.

Community contributor

Such a dreadful thing to happen. Hope you did not suffer

Community contributor

My thoughts and prayers are with you, father and child.

David O’Dea

My words may have little meaning right now, but my heart goes out to the father and child in hospital and all their family members and friends.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Community contributor

I did not know you, but I am so sad to hear that a mum and 3 children have died. R.I.P

Community contributor

Such tragic news to hear today, a very sad day that has touched the hearts of many. My thoughts are with all family, friends and any emergency workers who have been effected by this heartbreaking accident.

Rest in Peace beautiful Angels ??

Mr & Mrs Pullen

We are so very sorry to hear of the loss of a young mother and her three children – our hearts go out to all the families – we will be thinking of the father and daughter and wishing them to pull through this horrendous accident and for their future – once again we are so very sorry – it?s just heartbreaking –

Community contributor

Rest In Peace. May God rest all your souls. I prayer for protection and blessings to the husband and child.


Community contributor

Unbelievable. The most saddest of news. I wish great strength to remaining family and friends.

Life will never be the same again for them.

Community contributor

Our thoughts are with the family at this tragic time Deepest sympathy. A +C

Community contributor

Awful beyond words. I pray for all the victims and survivors and for our amazing emergency services, who had to attend.

God bless you and strengthen you. Amen.

Community contributor

I don?t know who your family are, i didn?t know you. From one mother to another all I can wish for you now is peace- that you and your 3 eldest children have found serene peace.

Your story is incredibly tragic- there are now hundreds and thousands of people holding your partner and youngest child in their prayers and thoughts. Many tears from many strangers have been shed now upon this awful news.

Community contributor

RIP my heart bleeds for the husband and child and the family that?s now have to grieve for those lost there life so sad ???? I don?t know the family but I?m a mum of three and can only imagien what the family are facing

Community contributor

I’m so very sad to learn about this tragedy.

It’s more trauma than most would experience in their lifetime. I pray the Father and his young Daughter pull through the best they can.

Community contributor

So sorry to hear about the loss of a mother and her children. My thoughts and prayers are with the father and baby, so very sad, from Florida.


Lucy Melville

I didn?t know you, but my heart is full of horror and sadness at what your family is going through. My tears are for you as a mother and for your darling children. I wish I could comfort your family.

I hope you know how much this community cares.

Community contributor

So sorry to see such sad news my thoughts are with the family. Rip.

Community contributor

My heart goes out to all the family and friends who will be affected by this tragic accident. God bless all of those involved.

Community contributor

I will pray tonight for the little one and father that are still in hospital, no words can describe this nightmare.

I hope and pray God gives the family help in the coming months to get through this.

Community contributor

I don’t know this family but I am so sad to hear this news. My thoughts are with the family and the husband who has lost his wife and beautiful children. Sending love and get well wishes to him and his 18 month old who are in hospital.

Community contributor

Sleep tight and shine bright all 4 angels.

May you rest in peace.

Adrian P

I really have no idea what people mean by “Rest in Peace”, but I am very sorry for the terrible loss of life and multiple bereavements, particular of three young siblings

Simon Rich

I am deeply, deeply saddened by this news. It is so so sad. There are really no words.


Community contributor

My thoughts are with the family at this tragic time, I don?t know what to say as tears are running down my face. Please pray for the little one and the dad to pull through this.

Community contributor

This is incredibly upsetting and tragic. Although I am stranger, as a family man I can’t help but send my deepest condolences to the loved ones who have suffered this sad loss.

My thoughts are with you.

Community contributor

Sometimes we just don’t know ‘Why’? I don’t know this family but deeply saddened by this tragedy. I Pray that the deceased will Rest in Peace.

I Pray that the injured Father and Child may know peace and God’s healing hand. For the wider family and friends I Pray that you may be comforted through your loss. Love from a Mum and Grandma in Bristol x

Community contributor

Totally heartbreaking.

My thoughts & prayers are with the relatives of this poor family. May the mother & her children Rest In Peace & pray that the father & little one in hospital make a good recovery

Louise Gibbon

I’m lost for words. This is terrible.

May you all rest in peace, I’m so sorry xxxx

Samia Hussain

Devastating news, and my thoughts are with the survivors God bless you

Community contributor

Absolutely devastating news, heartfelt condolences to the family.

josephine Mabbutt

Deepest sympathies to all concerned from Northampton xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Community contributor

Everything that?s going now – Covid, Brexit, etc. pales into insignificance on hearing tragic news like this. My prayers are with those who died and everyone else involved.

Community contributor

Just heard on radio about this tragic accident. I’m from Wales.

It’s just so sad to hear my heart goes out to thier family members for such a heart breaking news. I pray for the husband and the 18 month old to recover but it will be heart breaking for the husband. Breaks my heart for him. ? xxx

Jason Edens

Such tragic news.

My thoughts go out to the family at this incredibly sad time. May you and your little angels rest in peace. xx


I am so very sad to hear of this tragic accident R iP I send my love and prayers to you all GOD BLESS

Community contributor

I am reading this from Dublin and it is utterly heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured dad and his baby and extended family.

An appalling tragedy.

Community contributor

So sad rest in peace

Karen Huxtable

Utterly tragic May you all rest in peace Love and prayers for the father and child who are in hospital Love to you all xx

Community contributor

This is so tragic and I am so so sorry my heartfelt thoughts go out to the two family members in hospital and I would like to praise all the emergency services who attended this horrific scene ..thank you.

Community contributor

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. ( St Matthew’s gospel chapter 5 verse4)

Community contributor

From our families to yours We?re so so sorry your going though this grief and lose of your family , we know no words can make this time better , but we send our love to you all ! X x

Community contributor

So very sad and my thoughts are with the family and friends at this time.

Claire Chevin

May you all Rest in Eternal Peace safe in the arms of Jesus. Thoughts are with other family members at this sad time.


Community contributor

My hart breaks for the tragic news.

I can’t tell u how sorry I am.

This is not fair, I’m so sorry

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