HGV security advice to lorry drivers at Chippenham Pit Stop

HGV security advice was given to truckers pulling in to the Chippenham Pit Stop on the first morning of National Lorry Week. The Stop, just of junction 17 off the M4 in Wiltshire was being used by the Road Haulage Association as the launch pad for its weeklong liveried vehicle roadshow around the country. Attending the launch as a vehicle security awareness exercise, were Field Intelligence Officers from NaVCIS the transport industry funded National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

They revealed that they had received 3,661 notifications of all types of HGV, Freight and Cargo Crimes in the UK so far in 2020 and that the combined loss value stood at GBP81.7 million.

Of these 1,212 were curtain slash offences and 537 involved trailer seals and padlocks being breached or cut and that 797 of the total had occurred at motorway service areas.