Minis crashes into HGV on M40 after tyre blowout

Emergency services were called to a stretch on the motorway between junctions 10 and 11 at approximately 1.30pm. ALSO READ: Burglar crept into bedroom as victim slept to steal Rolex Firefighters from Bicester and Kidlington attended alongside Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance Service.

Pictures posted by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service on social media show the car badly damaged after the collision. The service said two people were ‘medically trapped’ in the car, meaning they needed to be assessed by paramedics before getting out.

A note with the pictures added: “Wearing a seatbelt and having a relatively modern car meant that they were able to be released with minor injuries after paramedics were able to assess them.

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“Tyre blowouts and other mechanical failures can happen to anyone but to help prevent it – always ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and try to anticipate what may happen around you.”

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