Pick-Up Truck Driver Pins Woman to Concrete Barrier Near McCarren Park

A gruesome scene unfolded in front of Five Leaves (18 Bedford Ave.) across from McCarren Park on Sunday morning when a 28-year-old man crashed his pickup truck into a 32-year-old woman who was standing in front of a concrete barrier. The woman was standing with her daughter on the corner of Lorimer Street and Bedford Avenue at around 11:45 a.m. on Sunday when she was pinned to the barrier after the truck crashed into her, NY Daily News reports:

The 32-year-old victim didn’t see the truck coming, gruesome video from the scene shows. She turned her back, bent to place something on a large stone block, then appeared to be climbing onto it as the pickup barreled into her.

The woman was transported to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition where her injuries may result in a severed leg.

Her daughter was not injured during the accident.

The diver, Greenwich Village resident Christopher Cori, was arrested at the scene and charged with reckless driving, drug paraphernalia and marijuana possession, NY Daily News reports.