Truck driver behavior visibility: what is it and why does it matter?

Data-driven, visibility-infused truck driver training and management solutions have boomed this year. It’s a trend that fleet equipment managers need to pay attention to because the telematics and in-cab camera systems you spec will have a direct impact on your driver training and management department. If you’re a small fleet that doesn’t have the luxury of a driver management department to lean on, then you need a system that is robust enough to meet your growing needs.

Now add in the ever-shifting telematics and driver training platform integration landscape, and things get even more complicated. To help cut through the confusion, I connected with Adam McCarty, vice president and general manager of channel and international at Lytx, and Hayden Cardiff, founder and chief executive officer of Idelic. The two companies recently announced an integration that takes driver behavior and safety visibility to a deeper level.

Watch the video above to find out what that means and to get an idea of the data you might want to consider when beefing up your driver management systems.

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